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If you have gaps in your smile from missing teeth, dental implants are a great solution for you. Dr. Ana Grace Santos, DDS, specializes in comprehensive restorative dentistry and encourages adults in Union City, California, to learn about the benefits of dental implants. For a complimentary consultation, call the office today or book your appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

Dental ImplantWhat are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial — or prosthetic — tooth used to fill in a gap where one of your natural teeth are missing. The implant is actually a metal post that Dr. Santos affixes, or implants, into your jawbone. The post fuses with the bone and your jaw and serves as a replacement root.

Dental implants look and feel just like a natural tooth.

Prior to your implant surgery, Dr. Santos meets with you to ensure you’re a candidate and to talk through any concerns you have about the procedure. She evaluates your jaw to ensure that you don’t need any graphs to build up the jaw before the implant. If indicated, refer you to a gum or oral surgeon

Once your mouth heals from the post-installation, Dr. Santos secures an abutment and crown to the post.

Is it necessary to replace a missing tooth?

Oral health plays a vital role in overall health and wellness. Missing teeth need to be replaced to preserve your oral health, as they can:

  • Cause erosion of the jaw bone
  • Make your face sink in and change your appearance
  • Put undue pressure on surrounding teeth and lead to additional tooth loss
  • Encourage neighboring teeth to shift
  • Lead to problems with your bite
  • Make it difficult to chew nutritious foods

What are the benefits of dental implants? 

Dental implants are Dr. Santos’s preferred method to beautifully restore your smile when one or more teeth are missing. The benefits are many and include that they:

  • Are permanent Long term
  • Look, feel, and function like a natural tooth
  • Preserve the structure of your face
  • Protect against bone loss
  • Aren’t removable and won’t fall out
  • Are easy to clean and floss
  • Don’t inhibit eating or talking
  • Never need to be replaced or adjusted